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Why might I need a loan?

Most people borrow money to ease their cash flow or to settle their credit card debts. Below are the most common purposes for a loan:
  • Pay off credit card debts 
  • Further education
  • Home furnishing or renovation expenses
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Unanticipated cash needs, etc

What should I consider before applying for a loan?

You should look for the loan features that best suit you, such as possible loan size to meet your needs, tenor choices that can match what you can afford and other available credit services.

You should carefully study the related loan terms and conditions and make sure that there are no other costs or hidden fees involved. Also, the ease of application process, approval turnaround time, convenience of branch network and available application channels should all be taken into account. It is recommended that you review the background of banks or financial institutions you are interested in and chose one with a good reputation, that is reliable, offers clear terms and conditions and falls under the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
As a smart customer, you should consult the customer representative of your preferred bank or financial institution to seek advice on a lending solution that best meets your needs before making an application.

How can I decide the repayment term?

Since the repayment term will affect the amount of your monthly repayment, you should take consideration of your requested loan amount and the monthly repayment amount you can afford in order to decide your repayment term.

What documents are required for a loan application?

  • Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Income proof
  • Current residential proof
  • Any other documents or certificates deemed appropriate

What can I do if I have further enquiry?

You can contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2126 7103  or visit Guangdong Finance Limited  Sheung Wan office.