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Public Housing

Get money from PRH and HOS
Mortgage Loan application for both PRH/HOS with premium paid and HOS with premium not yet paid are all accepted.

Premium is calculated as follows:
Premium = Recent Market Value x {(Full market Value when purchase – original price) ÷Full market Value when purchase} 

If owner, as a green form or white form applicant, bought a unit at the price of 3 million dollars, at that time Hong Kong Housing Authority offer 30% discount, which means the market value is 3.857 million dollars. If the market value unchanged, the immediate premium amount is 0.857 million dollars.

Or if owner forecasts that the market price increase 15% next year and it comes true, premium calculation next year as follows:
(3.857 × 115%) × (3.857 - 3) ÷ 3.857 = 0.98555 million dollars

Loan amount up to 85% of property value

Loan tenor up to 30 years

Co-owners of a property can apply Individually

Preferential mortgage rate as low as 8%

Flexible repayment arrangement

Application Procedure

Successful Case

Mr. Chan thinks that now is the best time to pay premium, but it couldn’t be done because of the funding issue. He knows Guangdong Finance accept the loan application for HOS with premium not yet paid through his friends. He immediately submitted all the required documents and got the funds within 24 hours.
Welcome to call or email for providing details for evaluation.