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Private Property

Mortgage Loan, Easy Loan
1st Mortgage 2nd Mortgage Remortgage

A mortgage in a first lien position on the property that secures the mortgage. Deed needs to be used as Collateral to the bank or lender.

A type of subordinate mortgage made while an original mortgage is still in effect. Owner uses the same property to apply for loan.

Owner cancels the present mortgage and moves the loan to another lender due to the lower interest.

Loan amount up to 85% of property value

Loan tenor up to 30 years

Co-owners of a property can apply Individually

Preferential mortgage rate as low as 8%

Flexible repayment arrangement

Application Procedure

Successful Case

Mr. Law manages catering business and he plans to raise funds for expand his business. He tried to apply for 2nd mortgage of his village house to banks but failed. Mr. Law found Guangdong Finance from internet and applied for 2nd mortgage. Successfully, he got 70% of the market price and got the funds on the same day.
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